I hate hiking


I fucking hate hiking.

Okay I know what you are thinking…


But you spend your life hiking, and trekking up and down mountains! You love hiking! But I really don’t. So let me transplain.


hiking != climbing


According to the NDS (Nova Grading System) there are 5 classes of adventuring on rock and mountains.

Yes, I wrote my own mountaineering grading system. Deal with it.

The NDS is based on the traditional YDS that has been around since the 1930s.

For the sake of drawing a line in the sand I am going to say that YDS/NDS 3rd class is where climbing starts and hiking stops.

That is, the moment you need to start using your hands you are officially climbing and no longer hiking.


Hiking is bullshit


Hiking is just long distance driving, but for your feet.

Like – you are just walking. It’s so fucked.

It serves as an avenue to get you from one point to another. Here is a picture of the second half of my route I went on when I solo’d Mount Adams a few weekends ago.

Notice that my route starts well before the glaciers begin forming on Mount Adams. Why? Because there was so much snow I literally had to snow shoe up a dirt road for 8 miles just to get to the base of the mountain because I couldn’t take my car.


This. Is. Bullshit.

Trust me, I would have rather taken a snow machine or skis or literally anything other than walking on boring flat forested terrain covered in snow.

Hiking is a necessary evil to get to the good stuff — climbing.

I hate it.

I hate hiking.

I never want to do it.

It’s annoying.

It’s a chore.

I only do it, if I plan on climbing.

If you ever invite me on a hike, I will probably say no.

Fuck hiking.











Want to go climbing? Hit me the fuck up 👍🏻
















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