Defining Gender


Gender is everywhere ⚧

Gender is the definition of a scale. A scale that most people (myself included) believe has edges on masculinity and femininity. 

A value on the gender scale typically represents how something (like a human, or a pair of socks) is measured in regard to these edges. These values can be anywhere on the scale.

His? Hers? Theirs?

Gender is a complex data type however, as the presence of one measurement does not indicate the absence of another. In other words, these things (like our pair of socks) can have multiple values and all values usually fit in a range.

So a pair of socks can be both masculine and feminine. 

The combination of these values make up the universe of gender, and frankly these values are at the core of understanding more exciting and advanced concepts like sexual attraction.

Gender levels

Some people think of gender as a boolean value, that is it can either be a or a 1. This way of thinking is fundamentally flawed in the sense that it does not encapsulate the complexity of gender.

An analogy here would be like trying to describe a color painting with only two colors, black and white. The scale just doesn’t give offer enough flexibility to describe the painting, thus the scale is flawed.

So here we will measure gender with the following scale:

-10 Masculine (Highest)
0 No Gender
10 Feminine (Highest)


Gender concepts

Now that we have a scale defined, we can look at implementations of the scale. For humans, there are usually a few concepts that come to mind. These are identity and attraction.


Attraction is defined by your sexual interest in another person. Who you are attracted to can be measured on the gender scale. Humans have given words to commonly observed trends in the data:

Bisexual High on edges only
Pansexual High everywhere
Heterosexual High on the side opposite of your identity
Homosexual High on the same side as your identity
Asexual Low everywhere

Identity is how you view yourself. People have many ways of measuring their identity in other disciplines. For example a person could be shy, but still very funny. Humans have given words to commonly observed trends in the data here as well:

Cisgender Identifying on the side of the gender scale that matches social expectation
Transgender Identifying on the opposite side of the gender scale that matches social expectation
Genderfluid Identity fluctuates back on forth on the sides of the gender scale
Androgynous Identifying with the center of the gender scale (genderless)


Attraction = who you go to bed WITH
Identity = who you go to bed AS

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My Gender Levels

Kris Nova Gender Levels
Masculine Attraction 3
Masculine Identity 3
Feminine Attraction 10
Feminine Identity 10

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