Friends without intentions

Hi everyone! Me again.


Tonight I was lucky enough to spend some time with some amazing people. They gave me such a wonderful gift.. which was the gift at a second chance at loving myself.

Recently I have gone through some fairly rough shit.. between completely head fucking myself in my current relationship.. and then watching some strangers die on a Peak I climbed only a few hours later.

Life has been hard.

Recently I had a win.

A really big win.

A win that was so big that it has changed my life forever.

My win was swept under the rug, and ultimately disappeared into the darkness of my day to day life.

Tonight my fabulous friends decided to remind me that I’m important and that I deserved a proper moment to celebrate a victory.

I win mother fuckers.


So silently humbled – and equally disturbed – I remember the importance of handling public and private victories accordingly.

I love these peeps.

Because they love me.

and our life is completely fucking surreal.


cheers ladies,







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