So I want to present some pretty basic data right off the back…

Normal people have emotions.

Period. Bottom fucking line. There is only a few days worth of reading material available if you are interested in researching any of the science or neurobiology on the matter. [1][2]

People (like you) have feelings.

So a friendly reminder that I used to be a pretentious white male who thought that all feelings were weakness.. or that showing emotion was some pathetic cry for help or attention.

Sorry I was emotional last night.

Geeze, why are you getting so emotional?

Look, I didn’t mean to get emotional okay.

This is TOTAL horse shit. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion, in fact most men I know really only show one emotion. Fear. Which can usually be spotted a mile away through acts of aggression, anger, and illegitimate confidence.

So here is what is really being said in the previous sentences:

Please give me a second chance for not being able to control my emotions.

Why are you letting your feelings out, that’s pathetic.

Look, I usually am better at keeping this stuff bottled up.

Ultimately, being able to show emotions in a healthy way is kind of a big fucking deal. I know what you are thinking.. here goes another self righteous woman on a rant to attack men. But hear me out.

This is not about men.

This is for everyone, regardless of gender. This is for every person who ever feels sad, or hurt, or scared, or fucking mad, or fucking angry. When you get these feelings (remember that there is science behind this that clearly demonstrates it will happen to you) you have two choices.

  1. Deal with it.
  2. Bitch about it.

So, next time you tell someone “stop being emotional” you need to remind yourself, that you fall into second category…

You are the bitch here…

You are the one who is nagging…

You are the one who is saying “pretend to be something your not”..

You are the one who is saying “being a human is not okay”..

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Which makes you a fool…

Everyone has feelings. Feelings come in different varieties. Every time you raise your voice, every time you go rage face on the internet. Surprise! That is a feeling.

So seriously guys, start dealing with your shit. Because pawning emotions off into some /dev/null bucket of emotional wasteland is not doing anyone any favors. In fact, it’s probably causing a lot of people in your life a lot of pain.

Bottom line. Deal with your shit. Children.

  1. http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnhum.2015.00058/full
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotion


I had some feelings.

So I blogged about them.

I now feel better.

This is me demonstrating emotional intelligence.

You should consider trying it something…

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  1. Joyce

    June 15, 2017 at 11:21

    Hi Kris, i always told my boys it’s alright to cry because it’s a normal reaction when you are sad or mad, they seem to be healthy emotional and yes I’ve I have seen them cry , we have all cried together it’s best to let it out

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