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So I am wondering what’s with the conflict lately? Particularly with a (possible ex) good friend of mine. Without trying to sound too meta… I am conflicted by the lack of conflict management in our (possibly ex) relationship.


Story Time

So sometime before I was 11, I remember my dad throwing a plate of thanksgiving food at my mom. He was of course hammered out of his mind, so the plate missed and went through the drywall instead. Turkey, gravy, the whole deal.




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The cops ultimately ended up at the house, and im sure the drywall still smells like shitty american gravy to this day. Yum.


Anyway the moral of the story is the next morning I woke up and came downstairs.

My dad was back from jail.

The drywall was freshly patched.

My parents were sitting at the table.

It was insane.

It was like nothing had happened the night before.


So here is why I am conflicted

Nothing happened.

They just ignored it.

They pretended like everything was fine.

They just did nothing.

Nothing was fixed.

It was almost like, they were taking the easy way out.

Probably because they were afraid of conflict…

So yes. A lack of conflict, is really conflicting for me.


Anyway back to my friend.

They also seem to kind of ignore the metaphorical gravy on the wall, and it’s really hard for me.

I am not upset that there is gravy on the wall, that shit happens.

I am just upset that we keep pretending like there is no gravy on the wall.

It hurts me.

I wish we could talk about the gravy.









Please just talk about the gravy on the wall with me…

Ignoring it isn’t helping anyone at all, and it’s taking the easy way out.

Gravy on the wall sucks, but we can at least acknowledge the fact that it’s there.

So here is to cleaning gravy off the wall. In public, despite how embarrassing it might be.







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