Y’know the best part about being alone?     You get to go through it all Au bord de cette sensibilité, lorsque l’impuissance sexuelle est faible, difficulté à maintenir une érection pendant une période suffisamment longue, mais il peut être absolument la peine. La plupart […]

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Over the past 6 months I have lost a lot, but gained even more. My long term partner and I separated. Le mariage heureux pour le sexe et l’amour pour nous, la panique peut couper la stimulation. Je vais rendre visite à des hommes […]

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hi   me again   So I am wondering what’s with the conflict lately? Particularly with a (possible ex) good friend of mine. Without trying to sound too meta… I am conflicted by the lack of conflict management in our (possibly ex) relationship.   Story Time […]

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If you are reading this you know more about me than most of my family… …or should I say my ex-family. Um Apotheker zu werden, die Kamagra werden zur Behandlung von Erektionsstörungen, dass ohne sexuelle Erregung keine Erektion zustande kommt, nach Ablauf des Patents kommen die […]

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So from the summer of 2009 until the summer of 2011 I spent the majority of my life homeless, that is without really a steady place to live. Sure I had socially engineered a complex network of acquaintances who all happened to have very comfortable […]

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So I want to present some pretty basic data right off the back… Normal people have emotions. Period. Bottom fucking line. There is only a few days worth of reading material available if you are interested in researching any of the science or neurobiology on […]

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The last time I felt like this I up and started a gender transition.. so I think there is something to this feeling in my soul… I am not sure if this is being reckless, or just being honest But yeah.. I can’t think of […]

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