The best worst year

Hi everyone. Me again.   Today is my first day back at “home” after my yearly holiday trip to Iceland, and I am going to spend some time reflecting on 2019 like I do every year! Follow up from last year Body modifications (orchiectomy) ✔️ I did […]

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I hate hiking

Seriously. I fucking hate hiking. Okay I know what you are thinking…   But you spend your life hiking, and trekking up and down mountains! You love hiking! But I really don’t. So let me transplain.   hiking != climbing   According to the NDS […]

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Begin with the end

hi   So recently I moved to Seattle, and am trying to re-start a few things in my life. Colorado was unbelievable and there is a reason I have the states most iconic mountains tattooed on half my upper body. But I was far from […]

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Anxiety Update 1

Hi! So yesterday while spending some time in downtown Manhattan New York I had a fairly normal day (well for me anyway). I was hanging out at GothamGo with all of my best friends in the Go community. The thing most people didn’t realize was […]

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I have never felt freedom more than the first time I whispered “I am transgender” silently to myself. I was alone. My house was effectively empty less the loaded shotgun, empty Jack Daniels bottle, and foreclosure notices piled on the floor. I had managed to […]

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