Fucking Pickles

Last weekend I gained over 11k feet of elevation, with a large heavy backpack, and was able to lead a technical ice climbing route up the south side of Mount Rainier, the most prominent mountain in the United States. Aside from the elevation, this route […]

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Y’know the best part about being alone?     You get to go through it all by your fucking self.                                               If you […]

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hi   me again   So I am wondering what’s with the conflict lately? Particularly with a (possible ex) good friend of mine. Without trying to sound too meta… I am conflicted by the lack of conflict management in our (possibly ex) relationship.   Story Time […]

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I hate hiking

Seriously. I fucking hate hiking. Okay I know what you are thinking…   But you spend your life hiking, and trekking up and down mountains! You love hiking! But I really don’t. So let me transplain.   hiking != climbing   According to the NDS […]

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Over the past 6 months I have lost a lot, but gained even more. My long term partner and I separated. I left my friends in Colorado, which were effectively the only family I had. Even just recently, I realized I was losing another close […]

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If you are reading this you know more about me than most of my family… …or should I say my ex-family.   In 2015 my grandfather died. The last thing he said to me the day before he died was “thank you” after I told him […]

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Anxiety Update 1

Hi! So yesterday while spending some time in downtown Manhattan New York I had a fairly normal day (well for me anyway). I was hanging out at GothamGo with all of my best friends in the Go community. The thing most people didn’t realize was […]

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