Fucking Pickles

Last weekend I gained over 11k feet of elevation, with a large heavy backpack, and was able to lead a technical ice climbing route up the south side of Mount Rainier, the most prominent mountain in the United States. Aside from the elevation, this route […]

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I hate hiking

Seriously. I fucking hate hiking. Okay I know what you are thinking…   But you spend your life hiking, and trekking up and down mountains! You love hiking! But I really don’t. So let me transplain.   hiking != climbing   According to the NDS […]

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Mt. Bierstadt

So I climbed Mount Bierstadt today. (Bierstadt is German and means Beer City) I woke up around 4am, and was out the door by 5:30am. After an hour and a half in the car, I was ready to start hiking promptly at 7am at the Guanella pass summit area […]

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