Gender Hacking

What is gender hacking?

By definition hacking is a way of modifying or manipulating a computer for your own advantage. So the way I think about it, I hacked my body, and I have a pretty sweet mod. Here is how I did it, and what I learned.

hacking noun [hak]     to modify a computer program or electronic device in a skillful or clever way

So to me, gender hacking, is the ability to hack (or modify) your self in order to out perform your peers. I think having some fundamental insight from both sides of the gender scale can offer some valuable lessons on how to stay centered, and get ahead.

In other words, taking lessons from both a more masculine and a more feminine perspective can help you really know when and where to call on either side of yourself.

My blog

Most of the data here will be delivered in the form of ad hoc articles. Please read them if you want, and comment on them. The open source engineer in me always is looking for more feedback.

As my time frees up I will begin to work on the second half of the site, which is calling out meaningful lessons on gender hacking. Think of these as small write ups on how to give yourself a foot up in the world with some commonly missed gender wisdom.

Think of these as small technical how-to papers on how to help yourself move outside our normal gender construct in order to out perform others who haven’t practiced the same exercise.


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